DSC_0247Paul is a professional artist and caricature entertainer originally from London. Now he lives in Barcelona and works throughout the western Mediterranean.

In England caricatures have become mainstream party entertainment and have moved a long way from the ‘street artist’ image. It is a walkabout act often seen at weddings, corporate and private parties and marketing events such as trade shows. Paul’s caricatures are fast, accurate and fun. They’re always popular, and provide a great memento of the event.

He normally works whilst walking about amongst the guests. This is effective for both receptions and diner parties. The drawings are made on white card with quick drying pens. Each picture takes about 4 minutes and the ‘victim’ is free to continue chatting. They then get their drawing in a nice protective envelope so they can take it home without damage.

Sometimes people want their name or company logo pre-printed on the paper. This is no problem if arranged in time.DSC_0246

Digital Caricatures

At trade shows he often draws on an Ipad or (other device if demonstrating them) then he can email the drawings directly to the participant. The live drawing can also be relayed to a large screen so that lots of people can watch the picture developing.

Paul speaks English, conversational Italian and French and basic Spanish.


Paul was born in London way back when there were still steam trains and smog.

His father was a cartoonist who drew for The Sunday Telegraph, Punch and Playboy, so Paul grew up in an art savvy house. As a youngster his dad taught him how to draw cartoons and caricatures making him pretty popular with his school friends but much less popular with the teachers who were generally his victims.

As a student Paul studied music. He even considered playing the French Horn as a job but his native talent for drawing was stronger. So, bohemian and penniless with an easel strapped to his back he headed for Paris and became street artist. There he really honed his live caricaturing skill.

Drawing a good likeness quickly takes a while to develop. “When you are working on the street you are only as good as your last picture. If you make a mistake your audience just melts away. You soon learn to do them well, especially when you want a follow-on customer”. In those years he spent many brilliant summers in the Mediterranean as a ‘beach cartoonist’ perfecting his technique and tenderly insulting many chuckling tourists.

Eventually, following his dad’s example he started cartooning for national publications including Punch, Private Eye, Reader’s Digest, Radio Times and The Observer. He also created comic illustrations for advertising and children’s books.

For a period Paul moved to Italy. He had spent many holidays there in his youth. He developed an interest in fresco painting (murals and trompe l’oeil) and started painting them himself eventually forming a business. He lived there on and off for more than 10 years and became passionate about most things Italian – especially spaghetti and red wine.

At the Millennium the London corporate party scene was really booming and Paul’s talent for on-the-spot caricatures made him indispensable entertainment. It was to be his job for the next twelve years.

In 2012 Paul moved to Barcelona. He now draws caricatures mainly in Barcelona, Ibiza and Mallorca though he is available to travel wherever. He also runs city painting and sketching class in Barcelona for urban sketchers. See www.la-terraza-atico.com

Paul thanks all his customers through the years and all those party-loving folk who have allowed him to rearrange their good looks.DSC_0248DSC_0213