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Una delle più efficaci attrazioni per fiere

Trade show caricature entertainment

Paul è una ben provato artista de caricature per fiere ed è figurato in mostre commerciali per tutto il mondo. Il suo approccio proattivo è efficace a tirare nuove persone sul vostro stand.

Mentre che disegna, manterrà il vostro potenziale cliente impegnato per almeno quattro minuti. Questo è un ottimo momento per voi a parlare, raccogliere dettagli e vedere se qualcosa vi potete fare insieme.

Aggiunto a questo, la vostra nuova prospettiva prenderà via un disegno stampato con il vostro marchio. Molti di questi bozzetti sono custoditi per anni e appendere sui muri da un ufficio all’altro che lavorano il loro percorso di carriera.

Ipad e caricature digitali

Paul disegna spesso caricature direttamente sul suo iPad o su un altro tablet digital o smartphone. Questi immagine possono essere inviati subito via email direttamente al cliente e / o stampati presso lo stand. Suo Ipad può essere anche collegato ad un grande schermo per aiutare attirare più gente al vostro stand. Ha dimostrato vari dispositivi per Samsung, Nintendo e Dell.


Pierluigi Collina trade show caricature by Paul Raymonde

Pierluigi Collina being drawn

Don’t just take my word for it but look what clients say:

A few testimonials:

charles river logo

   Paul Raymonde of Giggleface entertained our exhibit stand visitors supporting our “Art of Science” themed trade event in Barcelona, early June.   A constant line bordered our booth throughout the event.   Those who were waiting watched his “quick” marker create amazing caricatures in minutes, many of which drew applause!  Those who participated came back again with their colleagues.  Paul was very accommodating to all of our guests and it was obvious to all that he really enjoys his work. I enjoyed getting to know him and we will be sure to use his talents again, and again…  Happy to supply a reference to anyone who is interested.   

Deborah Curry
Global Director, Event Management
Charles River

Photos from Charles River Event


“Having Paul attend the event nearly doubled the traffic on our stand from that of last year. An unexpected bonus, was his flamboyance and initiative at ‘pulling’ people onto the stand, that otherwise may have walked past. I’m sure we’ll be using his services again. – Thanks”

Shaun Barlow Partner Relationship Exec – Unisys’

“We held a promotion at Selfridges and hired Paul to come along, he is hugely talented and professional. His caricatures are fantastic – done in no time at all and we will definitely be hiring him again in the future as it was a great crowd puller and the website speaks for itself really – Highly recommended!”

Caroline Hassett – Thierry Mugle Parfams

vwr180opt“We run a lot of trade stands where the clients are on trade stand overload and normally just grab the freebies and runaway! However with Paul there the event becomes a talking point within the whole facility and we have so many people come to see us Paul’s hand is dropping off by the end of the day! People stop and chat to us and are much more open with us which has made us £££ more business from these days. He is worth every penny in follow on sales.” Cheers!

Sophie Walton – Account Manager

VWR International

P&G-180opt“We have used Paul on a number of occasions for our trade shows and I would happily recommend his services to anyone. His talent always ensures a good crowd around the stand whilst his current “victim” is in situ, but his ability to pull people onto the stand during the quieter exhibition times as well, means that we get a very high headcount across the exhibition. Since we began using Paul, our customer contacts have more than doubled at these exhibitions.”

Reg Tabb – Account Executive; Procter & Gamble.

Paul has worked internationally for many companies: Paris, France, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Germany, Milan, Rome, Italy, Barcelona, Madrid, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore, Shanghai